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Das Unbehagen in Der Noise-Delusion of the Fury EP

Vinyl and digital

With an eye on the most heterogeneous approaches that emerged with the Noise, Krautrock, NO wave, LAFMS, Japanoise, ... DELUSION OF THE FURY phagocite, crushes, digests and expels an exquisitely cooked vinyl from different sound sources beyond any gender. Sharp guitars, frantically stripped rhythms, voices screaming into the afterlife, and subtle electronic noises FEVER, CONVULSE, and EXPLODE far from any territory explored by the latest human-calibrated radar. As the planet writhes increasingly deaf, DELUSION OF THE FURY will be the bonfire for some survivors.

Rator Mute Records- Silicon Scally/ Telephasycx! Cymatics Operator EP.

Vinyl and digital.

Silicon Scally is one of many monikers used by Carl A. Finlow. He's well known for his backlog of electro beats. On this record he has turned up the craziness with this special electro EP where the daintiness and the aggressiveness are mixed making an unique work of this artist. Dramatic melodies and blasts of energy, sometimes faster than usual but with his impeccable style. Telephasycx! is an experimental electronic duo. They completed this album with 2 heavy tracks with electro aesthetics. Distorted and robotic voices sometimes making a social protest. Splintered breaks, sharp sounds and dissonances make up the main musical spectrum of this work.

Rator Mute Records- Telephasycx/ Math Random() EP

Vinyl and digital.

Pure dark distorsion and deconstruction sound. Avant-Garde, non-art, chaos and tension are the main references of this project. Broken rhythms, sharp sounds, dissonances make up the main musical spectrum of this band.

Influenced by Electro and Industrial music, inspired by artists such as Ultradyne, Hijokaidan, Merzbow, Drexciya, Consumer Electronics, Throbbing Gristle, Dopplereffekt or Esplendor Geometrico. 

Touchin'Bass Records - Matrix Equation LP-

Vinyl and digital.

Matrix Equation indulges in an evidential brooding angst, shifting between
abstraction and the kind of elevated introspection carefully harvested over the
years. With dramatic frontage in parts, blasts of boisterous energy and machine
mayhem, its deployment of surprise, shifting focus and spontaneity operate in
an assured statement.
Splintered beats and a foreboding sense of tension give way to a more DJ
friendly logic of instinctive introductions and codas of gradual builds and
This strong and accomplished EP has rightly earned its place in the Touchin’
Bass catalogue but is also worthy of attention from outside of the usual territory.

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4. Delusion of the Fury

5. Colaboration with Isolated Now Waves recorded with the band Shearing Pinx in Canada.

6. Audio-MAD compilation with Francisco López.

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9. Korsakoff 17-83-Electrique Compilation / Musica Dispersa Records

10. Marrash-Marrash / Put your Hands Down Records

11. Madrid es Ruido Compilation / For noise Sake’s Records.

11. Vol. 4 Women of Experimental Music/ Sounds of Corridor.

12. yo-Raid!- Runner SPCTR Runs/ Flopee recordings label

13. Kontroljet & Marymotto / Plastik Notlabel records

14. Opera im Keller- Dildo Y Eneas / Mattoid Records

Madrid, Spain

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