Madrid, Spain

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Other Works:

1. Cave’s- Compilation / El Muelle records

2. Yo-Raid!- Brutal Magneto / Discos Buen Pony

3. Delusion of the Fury

4. Colaboration with Isolated Now Waves recorded with the band Shearing Pinx in Canada.

5. Audio-MAD compilation with Francisco López.

6. Be Sweet-Hashigakari

7. Oir Arte Compilation.

8. Korsakoff 17-83-Electrique Compilation / Musica Dispersa Records

9. Marrash-Marrash / Put your Hands Down Records

10. Madrid es Ruido Compilation / For noise Sake’s Records.

11. Vol. 4 Women of Experimental Music/ Sounds of Corridor.

12. yo-Raid!- Runner SPCTR Runs/ Flopee recordings label

13. Kontroljet & Marymotto / Plastik Notlabel records

14. Opera im Keller- Dildo Y Eneas / Mattoid Records