NonZero! Bio

Guitarist, drummer, mathematician and multidisciplinary improviser. Dissonance and NO art shape their musical terrain. 

Music that combines the elements of rage, chaos, tension and anguish to form a visceral style. 

 Her passion for sound synthesis, maths and musical exploration led her to introduce electronics into her solo project under the pseudonym NonZero! mainly influenced by Electro, Noise and Industrial. Under this name she aims to make electronic music her field of sound research.

For years, she has been continuously searching for existing relationships between sound and mathematics, focusing on the perceptual limit between music and noise. 

They just release her first EP as NonZero! in Touchin' Bass Recors, label boss Andrea Parker. 

Matrix Equation, a heavy 8 track

EP with electro and experimental aesthetics, mixed by Carl Finlow and mastered by Noel Summerville (Aphex Twin, Autechre...)

She currently is combining her solo project with her duo Telephasycx! duo. They just realease their first EP called math.random (), on the Rator Mute label. 


She began her artistic career as a teenager playing as a bassist and guitarist in groups with influences from Noise, Avant Garde and the No-Wave. She was introduced into several areas of electronic music during the club culture years in Madrid and opted for styles such as Electro or Industrial, at which point she began to be interested in the introduction of drum machines together with traditional drums. 

In 2006 in Berlin she began her most experimental project Marymotto, mainly influenced by the Noise, Industrial and the Japanese Avant Garde. She shared the stage with outstanding artists such as Zeni Geva and Mark Cunningham. 

Later she traveled to New York and Vancouver to develop as an improviser in free-jazz and in general in experimental electronic music.


Within the experimental electronic music community, she has shared the stage with artists such as Andrea Parker, KK-Null, Belief Defect and Ultradyne among others. 

She has had many projects in experimental music like yoRaid!, 20 Fire Minutes, a group formed in Germany that mixed electronic with free-jazz; Marrash; Delusion of the Fury group of Noise extreme where she is the drummer and Korsakoff 17 -83!


Madrid, Spain

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